The animation is available as a single video that tells the complete story. It has also been divided and is available in seven smaller videos, each with a smaller file size, making them easier to share. All videos are free and available for download.


As part of our commitment to sharing this story with all peoples, you are free to post and distribute the videos. This could be done in several ways, such as posting on social media, adding to a website, or on physical media (i.e., MicroSD cards).  


The videos can be integrated into training programs, discipleship media, social media campaigns, and many other existing programs and strategies. Both the full-length version and the seven parts have strengths. For example, the full-length version could be hosted on the landing page of the site, which then allows the viewer to learn more or respond in some way.  

The seven parts of the Creation to Christ Story animation address aspects of the full story, such as sin and separation from God. This makes it easier to connect to other content which goes deeper into the topic. The seven parts can also fit strategies designed to release concepts or parts of the story over a period–the audience learns one biblical concept at a time. 

Social Media 

The visually engaging aspects of the Creation to Christ Story animation is fitting for social media. The seven parts could be shared via several different social media platforms.  

In addition to the animation, there are other resources you could use in a variety of ways. 


  • Use as the image for a social media post with text and a link to view the video elsewhere, such as a video site or your website 
  • Add text, such as a thought-provoking question to share on social media 

Teaser Video 

  • Use to drive views to the full-length video or one of the seven parts 
  • Use as part of a social media campaign where video is more likely to quickly capture attention