The animation is available as a single video that tells the complete story. It has also been divided and is available in seven smaller videos, each with a smaller file size, making them easier to share. All videos are free and available for download.

Visit the links below to find the animations in different languages.

Creation to Christ Story – FULL LENGTH

Beginning with an introduction to the Most High God, the animated story presents Christ as the answer to humanity’s greatest need. The video ends by explaining specifically how we can come back to God. 

PART 1 – The Most High God and His Creation

Introduces the creative power and supreme authority of the Most High God. God creates a man and a woman. Their relationship with God and each other was perfect.

PART 2 – Sin and Separation from God

One of the angels God created became proud and wanted to be like God. God cast the disobedient angel, known as the devil, out of heaven. One day, the perfect relationship with God was broken when the man and the woman disobeyed God after being tempted by the devil.

PART 3 – God Gives Ten Commandments & the Sacrifices 

God gave ten commandments to the increasing number of people to teach them how to live right with God and each other. People continued to disobey God. God allowed them to confess their sins and offer a sacrifice to take their place of punishment.

PART 4 – God Gives Jesus

At just the right time, God sent Jesus to show people how to mend their relationship with Himself. Jesus shows that he is a wonderful teacher and a powerful miracle worker who has power even greater than death.

PART 5 – Jesus’ Death and Resurrection 

Of all the people who ever lived, Jesus alone never sinned. Some religious leaders were jealous of Jesus and decided to kill Him. He died on a large cross to become the perfect and final sacrifice. On the third day after this, Jesus rose from the dead and spent many days showing people that He was alive again!

PART 6 – The Wandering Son

While Jesus was still on earth, He told a story about a young man who left his father and wasted everything he had in a distant country. The young man decided to return to his father and ask for forgiveness. The father restored him. All of us are like the young son and can come back to God.

PART 7 – Coming Home to God

Only Jesus can bring us back to God. This final video explains specifically how we can come back to Him.